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Sometimes when I’m playing WoW I envy my chars. Weird huh? Envying pixels. I still do tho. I envy them for the simple lifestyle they lead. Wouldn’t it be awesome to live like they are doing? To live that simple life?

Take for instance my hunter. Her daily routine is doing a dungeon to earn money and get frost emblems so she can buy new loot, grinding Arctic Furs, Eternals or Leather for enchants and Leatherworking patterns, doing other daily’s to make some money, idling around in Dalaran and in the evenings she raids. And all of this takes a minimum effort. How awesome would it be to live in the real world and do daily quests everyday and making money that way. If Golds were Euro’s I would be rich by now.

Another thing I envy is transportation. Wouldn’t it be awesome to ride on those mounts? I mean flying on a drake or riding a mechanical chicken would just thrill me. Not to mention how much faster it is getting from place to place if you can fly on a drake! Or even the deformed standard flying mounts the Horde has (so far I think it’s a mix of a lion, a bat and a scorpion). I’ll admit that the airways would get cluttered here if everyone flew, so instead of level restrictions we make age restrictions and top drakes being only available when you’re atleast 25 assuming you have a job and need to travel regularly.

A thing that can be a plusside but also a downside is the awesome weapons I have, especially on my hunter. It would be wicked to show them off to friends, running around with them and just being proud of having them. I mean say for yourself, doesn’t my hunter look badass with her weapons? I think she does at least.

The thing I envy most tho, is the free lifestyle and little commitments you would have as a person in WoW. I mean you make your own WoW life. If you decide to join a guild and raid a lot you will have more commitments than if you decide to just hang around in a city talking to people and doing stuff when you feel like doing it. You have no obligation to get a job or go to school. That’s just ultimate freedom.

But alas, WoW is not real, it’s a game. And altho my envy won’t go away, I still enjoy playing it!


Posted January 12, 2010 by Kassandri in Randomness

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, “Go kill a few evil guys and we’ll pay you enough to be able to eat and stuff” Gief :p

    Welcome to blogging also, and don’t worry, ask away, I like to help šŸ˜€

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